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Below you will find archived programs available for viewing.

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Live Web Cast from the
Dossin Museum

The Great Lakes Maritime Institute has begun a series of webcast events delivering live programs and historic films from the Dossin Museum on Belle Isle, Detroit.

Required Software

To view the video you will need Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player which is available for free down load for both PC and Mac.

For the best results we suggest using Windows Media Player 9 for the PC and the latest version for your Mac's current OS.
Click here for free downloads

Windows Media was chosen because of the free software. Other media servers are too expensive to use with licenses costing upwards of $10,000.


Feed Back Please
For us to continue offering these types of  programs your feed back is important.
After viewing please take a moment and let us know about your viewing experience

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Archived Programs

  Lost Mariners Remembrance 2007
Recorded Nov. 10, 2007.
Lee Murdock Concert, Wreath laying ceremony, Presentation by guest speaker John Polacsek, Lee Murdock performing his rendition of “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”
Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial
Recorded Nov. 10, 2003.
A talk with Capt. Don Erickson who searched for the Fitzgerald on Lake Superior the night of the loss.

  Long Ships Passing
16mm film produced by the Lake Carriers Association in the 1960s. Many rare scenes from the era, including glimpses of boats that have long disappeared from the lakes.

  Edmund Fitzgerald
Detailing history from launch to sinking.

  Edmund Fitzgerald Launch
16 mm film produced by Great Lakes Engineering Works, the shipyard that built the ship.

  Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley
Video produced by Seaway Marine Transport showing ice breaking operation to supply coal.

  Georgian Bay Line Promotional Film
Highlights ports visited by the company's cruise ships, includes film onboard  the ships  North & South American.

  The Mystery Ship Alvin C. Clark
Search recovery and loss of the Clark.

What to Expected

Internet media such as the streaming video are meant to be viewed by high speed connection found in most offices or home cable and DSL connections. The videos will display for dial up users but today's technology does not do a very good job of streaming video over slow connections.

Online video is very different than watching a program on your home TV. Screen size is much smaller and quality can degrade if you are using a slow connection with many other users, such as a busy office or heavily burdened cable or DSL connection. Although we are serving the webcast from a major Internet Backbone your connection to our server is only as fast as the slowest point between your location and our server.

That said, Internet webcasting offers small groups an affordable way to broadcast unique programs that would otherwise be unavailable to audiences out side a local community.

How does it work?

The webcast originates from the Dossin Museum on Belle Isle. A video camera connected to a computer takes the audio and video and converts it into a digital format. When you log onto the web page the digital files are sent through our Zing wireless Internet connection from Belle Isle and routed across the Internet to your computer. The ability to webcast is an added benefit from our Webcam Project.

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