Great Lakes Maritime Institute Bell Auction
Rules Of The Sale
The bell is to be auctioned off by the Great Lakes Maritime Institute, the community support group for the Dossin Great Lakes Museum.
The bell will be sold to the highest bidder “As-is”, & “Where-is”. (There are no known defects other than normal wear & tear)
The bidding will be concluded at about noon on December 10, 2005 at the Dossin Museum on Belle Isle in Detroit, Mich.
The bidding has been started at $2000.00 and will only recognize increases of $100 increments.
There will be a 6% Michigan sales tax added to the winning bid.
You can track the bidding progress by going to the GLMI web site
GLMI Board Member Malcolm McAdam will handle the bidding process.
You may bid in either of two ways:
a). Bid one amount. If that is higher than the current high bid, it will become the new high bid. b). Bid a maximum high bid amount and if it is higher than the current high bid, then your bid will be submitted in $100.00 increments above the current high bid until you become the new high bidder. (As is done on Ebay).
You may submit a bid in several different ways:
a). Send your bid to: Malcolm A. McAdam
15901 Longmeadow Dr.
Dearborn, MI 48120
The bid must include your name, address, telephone numbers, the maximum amount of your bid, and your signature.
b). Or…Fax your bid to Malcolm A. McAdam at 1-313-441-1155.
c). Or…in person by being present at the final call for bids at the Dossin Museum at noon on Saturday December 10, 2005.
It is GLMI’s responsibility to obtain the highest price. In the event of a tie, the tie bidders will have one final chance to out bid each other.
All bids submitted by mail or fax will be confidential until after the auction is completed. They will be held for 30 days for any possible audit, after which they will be destroyed.
12.Questions regarding the bell and or the ship, are directed to John Polacsek at 1-313-297-8366.
Questions regarding the bidding are directed to Malcolm McAdam at 313-271-4302(home) or 313-660-1449(pager).


Your name: __________________________home phone: _____________ cell: ___________

Address: ____________________________________Fax: ____________other:___________

                ____________________________________Email: __________________________


·        I am placing a single bid of $__________.


·       I am bidding by proxy $100.00 above the current high bid with a maximum bid not to exceed $_____________. (This information will be held in strict confidence by Malcolm McAdam).


·        Attend the final live bidding on Dec 10, 2005 at 12 noon at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum 100 Strand Dr. Belle Isle Detroit.

The bids will be kept for 30 days after the auction is finalized. The bell will be released to the high bidder when the funds have cleared the bank. Should there be a problem in settling with the high bidder, then the next highest bid will be recognized as the winner.      


Fax this bid to:   1-313-441-1155  by midnight 12/9/05 (no cover page needed)

Or Mail to:   
Malcolm A. McAdam
15901 Longmeadow Drive
Dearborn, MI 48120


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