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Water-tight bulkhead and prefabricated side walls in center the main deck and hatch construction has started.
Side view of hull showing various sections from double bottom up to main deck being plated.
Gantry crane lowering engine room deck floor at stern of vessel. Edge of floating dry dock at right.
Cargo hold side plates being secured. Note tunnel on top level on right through which crew members walk during bad weather.
Double bottom support for stern section awaiting delivery in hull.
Beginning to form the bow sections with two gantry cranes working on site. Logs used to support the plates being formed.
Aligning and forming the hull plate near bow sections.
Forming stern section. Placing prefabricated double bottom supports in place. Steamer Alpena in floating dry dock.
Following forms at stern to be sure bent plates line up correctly. Log supports the temporary welded angles. Note pumps in stern.
Working on the bow section.
Prefabricated double bottom sections on the floating dry dock next to work site over looking the Detroit River. Cranes ready to lift prefabricated sections into place.
Stern Post to support propeller shaft secured in place
Stern view with stern posts in. Note coal bunkers at the main deck level.
Main hold in center at bow. Logs used to support plates with temporary angle welds.
Stern of the vessel, vent assemblies await installation (left center). Tie up bollards in lower right portion of image laying on its side.

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